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Everybody knows that getting the proper amounts of daily vitamins and minerals is important. Most people can get all of the minerals they need with a proper and healthy diet and some are preferred alternative iv vitamin therapies and iv drips offered in our clinic. Certain conditions, however, may warrant a more intensive medical approach.

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There is growing evidence that supports the IV infusion of vitamins as a viable alternative therapy for a variety of conditions including hormonal imbalance. At Integrative Wellness NY, we aim to provide various types of iv therapies including intravenous vitamin therapy and IV vitamin drip for a variety of conditions.

What is IV Infusion / IV drips?

A vitamin infusion involves delivering an intravenous drip of dissolved vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream. This therapy bypasses the digestive tract, which is the greatest limitation in getting high concentrations of vitamins and minerals into the body. It is possible to get much higher cellular concentrations of these nutrients when they are delivered intravenously via iv drips.

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In our clinic, we use this type of mineral therapy for a wide variety of conditions including: 




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What is IV Infusion Used for?

Critics may argue that such vitamin infusions are not necessary because a person can get all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy with food. This is true in most respects, and most professionals agree that an already healthy person who is eating a proper diet will probably not receive many benefits from an intravenous infusion of additional vitamins.

There are numerous health conditions, however, that may warrant a vitamin iv drip or intravenous mineral therapy as a form of treatment in place of or in addition to other treatments.

The most common conditions that may benefit from this therapy include:

  • Cancer of various forms
  • Vitamin deficiency or malnutrition
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Athletic injuries
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Asthma
  • Chronic viral conditions

The treatment of cancer is one of the best researched and most supported reasons to seek an iv drips. The IV treatment for cancer typically includes very high doses of vitamin C, which rise higher with IV therapy than they ever could through diet alone.

Vitamin C at these concentrations prove toxic to cancer cells but leave regular cells healthier than they were before.

Treatment of a wide range of other conditions may be possible depending on the exact formula of the intravenous vitamin therapy infusion. The mix of vitamins and minerals is adjusted depending on the type of iv therapy sought.

For example, a person wanting help with chronic fatigue may receive mostly B vitamins iv therapy in their infusion.

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What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

IV therapy increases your overall wellness by delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream. When taking vitamins orally, some of the nutrients are lost through the process of digestions. An IV vitamin drip allows the minerals to enter your bloodstream directly without losing any of the beneficial components.

Vitamin drip improves the look and health of your hair, skin, and nails. Our IV drip contains biotin vitamins that improve the appearance of wrinkles and leave your skin looking young and glowing.

IV therapy improves not only physical conditions but equips your body to fight mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. Having the necessary nutrients in your body allows you the mental clarity to live a better life.

Nutrients drip is beneficial for athletes because it rehydrates the muscles and tissues. The amino acids in a vitamin drip help your body heal and give you a boost for your next workout.

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What Patients Should Expect During IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy is still considered a medical procedure. As such, patients should sit down with the professional prior to receiving mineral drip treatment to discuss all of the options they have as well as associated risks. IV vitamin therapy specialist Dr. Marina Yuabova and our professional staff will help you choose the right combination of nutrients.

The process for a vitamin infusion is very similar to any other use of an IV a person may experience in a medical setting. This will involve the professional looking for a suitable vein, typically somewhere in the arm, and inserting an injection needle into that vein. The vitamin and mineral solution is then slowly delivered via an iv drip. The treatment process typically takes 30 to 60 minutes.

There is very little if any recovery time needed. At the end of the treatment, the injection needle will be removed and the injection site covered. The injection site should be kept clean while it heals and the dressing may need to be changed once or twice. It is important to monitor the injection site for infection.

Is IV Infusion Effective? When Will Results be Visible?

Research shows that intravenous vitamin infusions are effective at helping to treat certain conditions in most people. Depending on the severity of the condition, multiple iv drips or infusion treatments may be needed.

IV vitamin drip infusions are most beneficial within the body, so results may not always be visible. This depends greatly on the type of intravenous minerals therapy treatment being administered. Patients should start feeling better very quickly, and they may have increased energy and vitality within hours of the vitamin drip treatment. The full effects of the treatment of IV vitamin therapy may take more time and additional infusions.

Why Choose Our IV Therapy Clinic?

Like any medical procedure, an IV mineral infusion needs to be done by professionals with medical knowledge of the procedure and its proper applications. The highly trained staff at our iv therapy clinic are fully knowledgeable about how these vitamin drip infusions work as well as the risks and complications that can arise.

Our iv therapy specialists that offer iv drips close by you will be able to discuss all the risks and complications with patients to be sure they are fully informed. Our clinic is kept clean and sterile, and the vitamin drip equipment used is of the highest quality and will ensure that the benefits are maximized and the risks of infection are minimized.

If you feel you may be a good candidate for IV Vitamin Infusion contact us right away for a consultation. It is also important to check insurance information. Some insurance companies do not cover this new iv drips infusion methods, but it is considered on a case-by-case basis. Come visit our clinic and meet our expert infusion specialists that perform iv drips nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vitamin IV therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a procedure aimed to administer minerals and vitamins into the bloodstream through a needle that goes directly into the vein. This IV drip has shown to enable a patient to acquire more nutrients as the digestion process is avoided. The formula of vitamins can be modified based on the individual needs of a patient.

How much does vitamin IV cost?

On average, the price of IV treatment is $100 per drip. The cost is highly influenced by the formulation, your geographic location, the clinic, and the specialist as well. The more vitamins you need, the higher the cost of the procedure will be.

How long do the effects of the high dose of vitamin infusion last?

It is not possible to give a definite answer to this question as everything depends on a person’s medical condition. Generally, you should experience the results of the procedure for up to 3-4 days. Even if you do not notice any changes, you can be assured that you are still making use of all the benefits. This type of mineral treatment is an effective and safe way to restore and maintain your well-being.

Is vitamin IV drip painful?

You should not have any concerns about pain as this procedure is completely painless and involves a swift pinch as the needle enters the vein. The vast majority of patients claim they could hardly feel any discomfort at all. Our specialists will perform your IV therapy as comfortably as possible.

Does insurance cover the cost of IV vitamin therapy?

Because of the fact that IV treatment is not considered a medical necessity, it is not typically covered by medical insurance. Although, some insurance plans might cover this procedure depending on your medical needs. Before undergoing this procedure, make sure to contact your insurance company and determine whether it is covered by your insurance plan.

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