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Following IV Detox Therapy, many patients experience a better quality of life because of the intravenous cocktail they received. In the course of daily life, people are exposed to harmful substances. They include industrial pollutants, second-hand smoke, air pollutants, and more. The byproducts of some bodily processes such as metabolism are not beneficial to health nor are some of the foods people eat.

The presence of heavy metals in the body may be a factor in high blood pressure, some cancers, neurological conditions, and other problems. IV Therapy for Detoxify at our professional treatment center can reduce the levels of lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals. Abusing drugs and taking some medications may rob the body of nutrients. Our treatment helps to replace them.

How Does IV Therapy Work for Detoxify?

Since our IV therapy delivers substances intravenously, the concentrations are higher than they would be in an injection. By going directly into the bloodstream, they work faster. Patients are hooked up to a drip. A common solution we use contains B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and amino acids. Another additive is calcium EDTA, which helps to eliminate heavy metals.

Some people say that they feel great after one treatment. The effects may last a few days or several months. Depending on the medical ailment patients are being treated for and its severity, they may be advised to return for additional treatments. Most sessions at our clean and sterile office last 30 to 60 minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment?

Our treatment for hangover, for example, injects nutrients and hydrates as well. Patients who have had too much to drink have lost fluids. IV therapy also gets their electrolytes back in sync. Perhaps the person who imbibed too much needs something to combat nausea. We have an additive to ease that feeling. After our therapy, most people no longer show signs of having partied too much.

Other advantages that may result from any IV Detox Therapy are:

  • Boosting the energy of the patient
  • Helping the body to burn fat faster
  • Improving liver and/or kidney function

Our IV process also helps to kick start the body’s natural healing processes. Medical conditions such as heart and kidney ailments, however, may make patients ineligible for this therapy.

Why Choose IV Drip Therapy Clinic in Brooklyn NY

We are staffed by professionals, and we have a M.D. and a nurse practitioner on duty. Our staff can help you get relief from asthma, anxiety and depression, sports injuries, viruses, and more. Contact us. We’ll schedule an appointment. Our IV Therapy for Detoxify sessions are brief. You’ll be able to resume your busy life in no time.