Best Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn NY

Laser hair removal in Brooklyn is an effective and long term solution to your unwanted hair. How many hours a week do you spend shaving, plucking or otherwise removing or hiding unwanted hair?  Everyone can probably answer the same way—TOO MANY!! Well, did you know that there’s a clinically proven, safe and effective way to permanently remove that hair. It works for black and dark skin.

Our certified Brooklyn laser hair removal specialists use Forma TK technology that has been developed using the highest quality and safety standards to provide you with the best and most important permanent results—quickly too.

In our laser hair removal center we are using the most advanced and powerful hair removal machine available on the market today in USA. This machine “MAGMA Platform by Forma-tk” is clinically proven and FDA approved, the fast (astonishing treatment speeds), effective and painless treatments for all skin types.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn

Laser hair removal has many benefits.  These include:

  • Laser hair removal is permanent.
    • We have all had that “Oh, no—not again!” moment when we realized that the unwanted hair is back. With laser hair removal, you won’t experience that again—with laser hair removal, when its gone—it is gone! In some areas, this may take more than one treatment—it depends on the area and your unique hair-characteristics
  • The surrounding skin around the hair is not affected
    • The TK technology we use in our laser hair removal clinic allows us to precisely target single hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin
  • Comfort
    • The procedure involves minimal discomfort, even in more sensitive areas
  • Convenient
    • Think of the time you have spent getting rid of the unwanted hair. Now—think of a visit to our laser hair removal clinic, where you can have problem areas treated quickly and easily
  • Fast
    • There is no “downtime” with laser hair removal
  • Laser hair removal can be performed on any area of the skin including the face, arms, back, legs, ears, underarms and to provide a bikini line. It also works well for black and dark skin.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Background on Hair and Hair Follicles

Each human hair grows from a hair follicle. While we don’t always fully appreciate it, hair has a function—it helps keep us warm, protects the skin and scalp and provides sensory awareness—a breeze, a mosquito landing on your arm and the touch of your partner.

The hair follicle also contains sebaceous (suh-bay-shous) glands which produce oil, lubricating the hair.

Hair is made up of a tough type of protein known as keratin—the follicle serves to anchor the hair in the skin while the hair is produced by cells at the root or bulb of the hair follicle. Hair from different parts of the body grow at different rates and can be affected by age, hormonal levels, nutritional status, family heritage and environmental factors. All hair grows in three phases—a growth phase, a transitional phase and a resting phase.

Laser Technology

A laser is essentially amplified and focused light. A fine laser can be used to target individual follicles—the laser then damages the targeted hair follicle, and only that hair follicle, damaging the hair bulb (root) so that the hair stops growing. A cooling gel or cream is used to cool the skin—this also reduces any discomfort.

Lasers have been used in the US since 1997 and are approved for “permanent hair reduction” by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted hair on your body.

Side effects are rare and – when they do occur—usually last only a few hours and at the most a few days. These side effects can depend on your skin type and the location of hair removal—some areas of your body may be more sensitive than others.

The most common side effects include:

  • Itching
  • Pink or reddish areas
  • Swelling

Rarely, there may be some skin discoloration.

Some people may experience a reaction to the gel or cream used to cool the skin—this will usually be treated with an ice pack and rarely causes more serious problems.

Tell your certified laser hair removal specialist about all medications that you are taking—some medications cause photosensitivity—an increased sensitivity to light.  Also, let your removal specialist know if you may be or are pregnant.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Because of the three phases of hair growth, you may need more than one session for permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal works most effectively during the hair’s growth phase.

Everyone has their own type of hair.  This can mean fewer or more treatments, depending on your unique hair-characteristics.  The number of treatments can also depend on the location of hair removal. In general, hair removal above the waistline will require a different schedule than hair removal below the waistline.  Individuals with darker skin tones will have a unique schedule based on their skin tone and hair type.

After Laser Hair Removal

Generally, you can go about all your daily activities immediately after a laser hair removal treatment in Brooklyn.  Some areas may be slightly reddened or swollen, but that disappears within hours, if it occurs. You should protect the treated area with sunscreen for about a month after treatment and keep that area out of the sun as much as possible.

Common Laser Hair Removal Questions in Our Brooklyn Office

# 1: Laser Hair Removal Does Not Ensure 100 Percent Hair Removal

While laser hair removal in Brooklyn is effective, it does not ensure 100 percent hair removal. Even after multiple hair removal sessions, laser hair removal ensures up to 85 to 90 percent of hair removal. For most, they are satisfied with the amount of hair removal they get with the laser hair treatment. This percentage might increase with subsequent heir removal therapy sessions.

# 2: Laser Hair Treatment Does Not Work As Effectively on Blond, White, Red, and Gray

Dr. Carolyn I. Jacob, MD, FAAD, a Board-Certified dermatologist at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago shed some light on laser hair therapy as an option for colored hair. He says, “If you have blonde, white, gray or red hair, be suspicious of any business that says it can perform laser hair removal on you”.

Laser hair therapy works by targeting melanin pigment in your hair. Since colored hair has lower amounts of this pigment, it does not work on these hair type as effectively as it does on black hair.

# 3: You Won’t See Results With Only a Few Laser Hair Removal Sessions

You should not expect miraculous results after the first few sessions of laser hair removal in Brooklyn. Depending on the thickness of hair, the area of treatment, and other factors, you might need  multiple sessions to get desired results.
You should call our hair removal center or consult your local dermatologist to get a quote on how many sessions you would need to get rid of your unwanted hair.

# 4: Laser Hair Removal Works Just As Fine on Darker Skin- But Requires Caution!

There are a lot of myths that surround laser hair removal. People used to believe that laser hair removal does not work for people with a darker skin complexion. The explanation they give is since darker skin has more melanin, using laser hair removal can damage your skin. However, this is not entirely true.

The reason is that the newer laser hair removal techniques we are using in our office are more sophisticated and highly targeted. They target only a specific region of your skin and work to remove hair from that area only. However, you must consult a qualified and experienced hair removal practitioner in Brooklyn because you can have some serious skin damage in the hands of on an inexperienced practitioner.

# 5: Not Everyone Can Perform Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is highly effective and quite easy to perform. This sprouts a misconception that everyone can do this procedure. This is not quite true.

While laser hair removal is quite accessible and easy but you would need a qualified Board- Certified dermatologist or a qualified hair practitioner to perform laser hair removal. In the hands of an inexperienced professional, you may suffer complications.

Some complications might include:

  • Skin burns
  • Skin blisters
  • Increased risk of skin infections
  • Inappropriate skin darkening or skin whitening
  • In some instances, an inappropriate technique can even lead to permanent scarring of the

Therefore, you should make sure that you choose your local Brooklyn laser hair removal practitioner quite carefully to avoid complications.

# 6: Laser Hair Removal is For Women (And Men As Well)!

Perhaps no one discusses this but laser hair removal is not just for women! Men can have it too.
Men have thicker hair with a denser distribution compared to women. However, the latest laser hair removal techniques we are using in our Brooklyn center are effective enough to target the denser hair in men as well. They may require more frequent laser hair removal sessions compared to women.

# 7: The Results of Laser Hair Removal Are Not Permanent

Laser hair removal is cost-effective and saves you a ton of time. However, the effects of laser hair removal are not always permanent. You might require multiple sessions to get the desired results. After that, you may require further follow-up sessions to ensure the unwanted hair remain at bay.


To sum up, laser hair removal is one of the most effective hair removal strategies out there. It is potent, cost-effective, and quite gentle on your skin. However, you should tune your expectations before you start with laser hair removal. You should keep in mind that like any other procedure, this procedure might lead to some complications and might have some degree of failure related to it as well.

If you suffer from baldness or thinning hair we offer prp hair loss solution to stimulate the growth of new hair in men and women of all ages. Platelet rich plasma therapy is an alternative procedure to transplant. PRP is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure that offers many benefits because the results are attractive and permanent.

Laser hair removal in Brooklyn is a safe, effective, and painless way to permanently remove hair from anywhere on your body. Call us for an appointment and consultation today!  Why wait?