PRP Injection Therapy for Joints in Brooklyn NY | Treatment For Knee, Hip

Over the past few years, an exciting new treatment has emerged for the treatment of chronic joint pain. This therapy is revolutionizing the way joint pain is treated, using our bodies own cells to help regenerate its own tissue, and resulting in stunning results for patients.

This simple principle is why such impressive results have been seen with platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP takes the body’s own building blocks for healing and regeneration, the platelets, from the blood and super-concentrates them into one injection.

After being injected at the site of injury, platelets send messaging signals to the body to begin the healing process and release repair factors.

PRP therapy is derived from a patient’s own cells through the blood and administered to the area affected. This injection sends a signal to the body letting it know that the area where the PRP was injected needs attention. By recruiting inflammatory growth factors and vascular-endothelial growth factors a huge amount of growth and regeneration takes place in a short period of time, with transforming results for the patient.

How Does Prp Therapy Heals Joints?

PRP therapy for Joints has been shown to rejuvenate chondrocytes and significantly decrease pain from such conditions as osteoarthritis and other joint degenerative diseases. The underlying pathology in many arthritides is a loss of the cartilage producing cells, chondrocytes, and thus loss of cartilage leading to pain during joint range of motion.

PRP therapy for Joints brings an onslaught of inflammatory and vascular growth factors into the affected joint in a rapid influx of healing. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and a centrifuge is used to filter platelets from other blood factors. Then, after the administration of the PRP, a patient’s own healing factors are recruited leading to an influx of osteochondrogenic (or bone/cartilage growth cells) into the affected area. Over time these new chondrocytes (or cartilage producing cells) produce pain relieving and joint mobility improving cartilage.

What Are the Benefits of Prp Treatment?

For those suffering with arthritis the treatments can be disheartening. Oral painkiller use can lead to gastric pain and stomach ulceration, kidney dysfunction as well as have interactions with other medications. Surgeries can lead to a loss of range of motion at the affected joint and lead to a decrease in quality of life. PRP therapy is an emerging non-operative treatment using a patient’s own cells to help regenerate and restore one’s own body. Benefits of the injection include decrease in pain during range of motion, possible regeneration of cells at the affected location, and increased quality of life.

PRP has been used for many years in applications for joint pain due to arthritis, tendon pain due to chronic degeneration and other conditions such as plantar fasciitis or chronic pain syndromes. Results vary from patient to patient but the response overall has been very positive.

PRP Injections for Hair Restoration, Treatment for Hair Loss

Aside from treatment for knee and hip PRP injections are also used for hair restoration. At Integrative Wellness NY we offer the best treatment for hair loss, prp hair restoration injections to stimulate the growth of new hair in men and women of all ages. Platelet rich plasma therapy is an alternative procedure to transplant. PRP is a non-surgical prp treatment for hair loss procedure that offers many benefits because the results are attractive and permanent.

Why Choose Integrative Medicine?

Choosing an integrative medicine physician is one of the best decisions a patient can make for their health. The physicians who perform PRP therapy for Joints in our facility where some of the finest trained leaders in their field with years of experience. Their approach to integrative medicine encompasses the whole patient and highlights the importance of the relationship between physician and patient.

By establishing an involved provider-patient relationship, areas that need improvement can be identified quickly and health can be dramatically improved. Patients who choose integrative medicine have seen their quality of life greatly improved, as well as undergone a complete transformation in the way they view their health.