PRP Injection for Face in Brooklyn NY | PRP Facial Rejuvenation

PRP therapy is short for platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP therapy for Skin Rejuvenation is a procedure utilizing blood plasma enhanced with platelets to help revitalize the face. The platelets used in PRP therapy for Skin Rejuvenation are a building block of blood whose role is to stop the bleeding and clumping of the blood vessels. Although this process normally is used to heal an individual in case of bodily injury, it has more recently been utilized for health and beauty betterment options.

The Process for Skin Rejuvenation Using PRP Therapy

PRP therapy works for skin rejuvenation by closely simulating the human body’s natural healing process, just in a more concentrated form. An individual is able to have their blood drawn and then have it redistributed or injected to the areas of their body they are seeking to improve, all by using their own tissue.

PRP therapy for Skin Rejuvenation can provide patients with this refreshing new health and well-being. The technique used is simple; by proliferating the concentration of platelets in a person’s blood plasma, provider is able to greatly improve the skin health of the individual undergoing the procedure. Collagen production is vastly improved when undergoing this transference process. This procedure has even been show to greatly speed the healing process of injuries incurred by various athletes.

PRP Injections For Baldness or Thinning Hair

Aside from skin rejuvenation PRP injections are also used to effectively treat baldness or thinning hair. At Integrative Wellness NY we offer prp for hair loss injections to stimulate the growth of new hair in men and women of all ages. Platelet rich plasma therapy is an alternative procedure to transplant. PRP is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure that offers many benefits because the results are attractive and permanent.

The Benefits of Being Treated with PRP Therapy

PRP therapy for Skin Rejuvenation, particularly PRP therapy for Skin Rejuvenation, provides for improved skin texture, a glowing complexion, and many other benefits. A few of these miraculous benefits include adding volume to the skin, diminishing wrinkles, clearing acne scars, getting rid of stretch marks, and many more. The benefits go far beyond this. PRP therapy allows for not only an intensifying of an individual’s health, but an intensifying of an individual’s beauty. This procedure is highly recommended for anyone looking to boost their health and beauty to an all-new level.

PRP Therapy Here at Integrative Wellness NY

Whether you seek to regenerate your body faster, or simply improve your complexion, our provider here at Integrative Wellness NY is confident that we will be able to give you what you need. Aesthetics, rejuvenation, and becoming your best, healthy self are our specialties and here at Integrative Wellness NY your satisfaction is key. Skin and facial health are what we specialize in. We seek to make you happy. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact us at 718-207-7707.