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Whether you are trying to push your body to the limit or making your way through the daily grind, it’s a true challenge to keep your system powered up. This especially holds true if you are an athlete or fitness fanatic. It takes the proper blend of nutrition and hydration to get the most out of your performance. IV therapy can help you to get more out of your body when you put it to the test.

What is IV Therapy for Performance Enhancement?

IV therapy involves getting a weekly infusion of intravenous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in order to optimize your physical performance. The infusion contains a powerful blend that is designed to restore and rejuvenate your body to compensate for your daily workout and the strains that accumulate from an active lifestyle. Typical components of IV therapy for performance enhancement include vitamin C, the B vitamins, magnesium sulfate, and calcium gluconate. Beneficial amino acids are added to the mix as well. They include taurine, arginine, carnitine, and glutamine.

How does IV Therapy work for Performance Enhancement?

By supplementing your current nutritional intake with IV therapy, you are delivering a highly concentrated amount of essential ingredients directly to your blood, rather than waiting for your metabolic processes to go to work. The end result is an increase in energy levels, more stamina, and a rapid recovery time. Vitamin C provides your body with a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in your body and activates cellular growth. The B vitamins are key for promoting high levels of energy. Magnesium sulfate and calcium gluconate are beneficial when it comes to building strong, healthy bones. An increased amount of amino acids to boost your immune system, improve your circulation, and crank up your metabolism to the max.

What are the Benefits of Treatment?

By choosing IV Therapy for Performance Enhancement with us, you are giving your body exactly what it needs to pass the test when you are driven to achieve your performance goals. When you use the right combination in your infusion therapy, you are using natural ingredients that will help all of the systems in your body to work more effectively, meaning better physical performance for you.

Why Choose Integrative Wellness NY?

Take advantage of Integrative Wellness NY for Performance Enhancement in order to benefit from a dedicated staff. When it comes to your body and finding ways to get more out of your physical capabilities while promoting your well-being, the professionals at Integrative Wellness NY can help you to take a team approach to realizing your goals. Whether you aim to maintain your current physical condition, you are preparing yourself for a major event, or you are ready to see how far you can go, the trained staff members at Integrative Wellness NY can assist you with IV therapy and additional treatment options that can help you to maximize your performance as you set the bar high.