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Intense Pulsed Light or IPL treatment is a form of photorejuvenation—or, simply put, the use of intense light to rejuvenate the skin, especially skin damaged by the sun as well as the correction of acne and pigmented lesions. IPL laser treatment is sometimes called an “IPL photofacial treatment”. In our Downtown Brooklyn office we use the latest and most effective professional IPL laser machines available on the market in the USA.

IPL photofacial uses devices, like the Forma-tk platform to deliver multiple wavelengths (colors) of light to areas just under the surface of the skin.  This delivery is in the form of intense pulses—like a very rapidly blinking of flashing light. The Forma-tk platform currently has the highest number of pulses of light (most blinks) delivered in the shortest time—measured in milliseconds—a much shorter time than it would take you to actually say “millisecond”!

IPL laser treatment is not the same as laser skin resurfacing—lasers use a single wavelength (color) of light to target the outermost layer of skin while IPL photofacial uses many wavelengths of light to target areas beneath the outer layer. Unlike laser resurfacing, IPL treatment requires no recovery time.

IPL photofacial treatment brooklyn ny

Compared to microneedling, IPL treatments are better at treating a specific problem. Microneedling produces the overall appearance of skin rejuvenation. IPL provides a more dramatic and long-lasting result, however, some people choose a combination of the two treatments.

How IPL Treatments Can Help You

IPL laser treatment can be used to treat areas of the skin damaged by the sun, including:

  • Brown or darkened spots on the skin
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Varicose veins
  • Broken blood vessels

IPL photofacial treatment for rosacea brooklyn ny

IPL photofacial skin treatment can also be used to rejuvenate the skin in cases of rosacea, acne, to improve the texture of the skin and to remove unwanted hair from any part of the skin.

Areas containing spider veins (spider telangiectasis), port wine stains and red thread veins can be treated by IPL skin treatment. In some people, IPL treatment can also reduce or remove acne scars, other scarring and stretch marks.

If you suffer from acne or acne scars, IPL treatments may be the right solution for you. Specific wavelengths are used to target and destroy the bacteria causing acne. This bacteria gets trapped in your sebaceous glands and causes inflammation, which appears on your skin as acne. IPL skin treatment that we offer in our office located in Downtown Brooklyn NY can get rid of your current acne breakouts and prevent future breakouts.

Acne scars are discoloration and imperfections on the skin. IPL treatment for acne scars can destroy the pigmented cells resulting in smoother more radiant skin. Not only are the pigmented cells destroyed, but also the background pigmentation.

The IPL photofacial device is passed over the affected skin without any need for injections or incisions into the skin.

According to a large IPL photofacial study published on pubmed: “Intense pulsed technology is a highly versatile, safe, and effective modality for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, hypertrichosis, and epidermal and dermal atrophy associated with photoaging, as well as acne, rosacea, actinic keratoses, and nonmelanoma skin cancers.”

IPL photofacial devices have a relatively large footprint of their spot size and resulting treatment speed, allowing it to limit the total number of pulses per treatment to a minimum and affording a treatment of large areas.

How Does it Feel to Get an IPL Treatment in Brooklyn?

The area undergoing treatment is first cleaned—then, a cool gel is applied. For some people, especially those with sensitive skin, a topical anesthetic might be applied to the skin as well.

You will be given dark glasses or goggles to protect your eyes—let your provider know if you have ever had seizures caused by flashing lights.  Then, the IPL photofacial laser device is gently smoothed over the area to be treated.  The entire IPL treatment time, for most people, is about 20-30 minutes.

Some people say that the treatment stings a bit—like tiny rubber bands snapping onto your skin, but most report no discomfort—and some people may even doze off! Many people say that afterwards, your skin feels like it might after a mild sunburn. The surface of the photofacial IPL device is very smooth, so it feels a bit like it is rolling over your skin.

What Are the Side Effects of IPL Treatment?

IPL is relatively safe and painless, but as with any other medical procedure, there are some possible risks and side effects. Some of the side effects of IPL photofacials include:

  • Redness
  • Minor bruising
  • Peeling
  • Slight soreness 
  • Hair loss on the treated area
  • Blistering

Let your IPL specialist or local IPL doctor know if you are using a retinol cream as this makes your skin more sensitive and prone to the above mentioned side effects. Your doctor may recommend discontinuing the use of retinol a few days before your IPL face treatment. 

How Long Does Healing Take After an IPL Treatment?

Healing after an IPL photofacial treatment in Brooklyn is very rapid—makeup, for example, can be used immediately, but should be applied and removed very gently and carefully.

Your skin might be a bit reddened and may feel a bit sensitive—this usually goes away in a few hours, though the skin sensitivity may last a bit longer. Avoid hot water until your skin has lost its sensitivity and redness.

Rarely, there may be some bruising—this usually disappears in 1-2 weeks. Freckles and age spots may darken slightly for a few days.  Crusting over the treated skin may also appear but should disappear in about a week to 10 days.

After an IPL laser treatment or IPL photofacial, you can usually get right back into any of your normal routines.

How Many IPL Treatments to See the Results?

You will likely have to come back for more IPL treatments—it may take 3-6 treatments to get the results you want, so be patient!

Hair removal may take a bit longer—about 6-12 treatments.  After all treatments, you should usually wait about a month before re-treating the same area—your certified IPL specialist in Brooklyn will let you know how often you should get treated, keeping your specific and unique skin in mind.

IPL does not seem to be as effective on people with darker skin tones—talk to our certified IPL specialists to get the best advice.

Before and After IPL Photofacial Laser in Brooklyn

You should avoid exposure to sunlight both before and after IPL laser treatment.  Let your provider know what medications or supplements you are currently taking. Some of these can interact with the IPL photofacial to cause more serious reddening or swelling of the skin.

Also let your provider know if you have been diagnosed with a specific skin condition as well as any other medical condition. Let them know if you have ever had a viral skin lesion, such as those caused by the Herpes virus.

Another condition that is important for your provider to know about is a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring—in other words, if you have had larger-than-usual scars in the past.

If you are pregnant or are considering pregnancy, talk to your certified provider—there is no evidence that IPL photofacial treatment is harmful, but it may not be as useful because during pregnancy, the hormone levels may induce changes in your skin that make the treatment less effective.

IPL photofacial in Brooklyn is a safe, essentially painless and effective treatment for a variety of skin issues—call for an appointment and see how our Brooklyn IPL photofacial specialists can help!

Why Choose Integrative Wellness NY for IPL Photofacial?

All our specialists are IPL experts dedicated to staying up to date on the latest wellness and aesthetic techniques. They want you to feel comfortable and take the time to answer any of the questions you may have before the IPL procedure. Our clinic in Brooklyn NY uses the latest technology for all our treatments to ensure the best results. 

Do you have any questions about the IPL photofacial we offer in Brooklyn? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the IPL specialist and a leading IPL laser treatment expert Marina Yuabova of Integrative Wellness NY? Please contact our office for consultation.