Anti-aging IV in Brooklyn NY | IV Drip Therapy Clinic

No one wants to look or feel older than they are, but a lifetime of cellular breakdown and DNA damage causes the signs of aging to slowly creep up. However, you can virtually “turn back the clock” with an IV therapy for anti-aging treatment. This treatment is all natural and combats all signs of aging, including everything from fine lines and wrinkles to fatigue.

What is IV Therapy for Anti-Aging Treatment?

Your IV anti-aging treatment was carefully designed to combat all signs of aging. Our anti-aging infusion contains sterile, medical-grade saline, multiple B vitamins, vitamin C, essential amino acids, and Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO).

When you arrive to obtain your treatment, your infusion will be specially prepared for you. Next, an IV will be placed in your arm, which is then connected with a sterile tube directly to the infusion bag. Finally, the infusion will be delivered directly into your bloodstream where it will then travel to all organs in your body, including your skin, to hydrate, nourish, and detoxify them.

How does IV Therapy work for Anti-Aging Treatment?

Every ingredient in our anti-aging treatment plays an important role in keeping you looking and feeling young. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that fights free radical damage that occurs to both your skin and your internal organs over time. It also provides a great boost to your immune system.

B-vitamins all play various roles in preventing aging. They fight free-radical damage; help relieve stress, which contributes greatly to the aging process; support healthy and younger-looking skin, hair, and nails; and much more.

Amino acids provide further nourishment to your hair skin and nails, and they can repair damaged skin collagen and elastin to make your skin firmer. Dimethyl Sulfoxide has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also promotes healthy collagen production in your skin, making it firmer and reducing sagging.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment?

After your IV Therapy for Anti-Aging Treatment in Queens NY, you will immediately feel more energetic and see a radiant glow in your skin. This is due to the intense hydration the treatment provides. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the infusion, you may also notice any aches and pains you had before the treatment disappear.

The antioxidants will quickly get to work repairing free-radical damage in your entire body, including your skin. Your skin will also begin to look firmer and more supple soon after treatment, and will continue to improve as the vitamins continue to ward off DNA damage long after treatment day.

Why Choose IV Drip Therapy Clinic?

There are other ways to virtually shave years off your appearance, such as obtaining invasive cosmetic procedures or using chemical-filled anti-aging creams, many that don’t work. However, invasive surgeries and chemical-filled creams have health risks and certainly do not improve your health.

IV therapy for anti-aging treatment in Brooklyn NY simply provides your body with the nutrients it needs to repair cellular damage naturally. The treatment also has many additional health benefits, including improving your hydration level and boosting your immune system.